Villa Athena


Megali Ammos

Skiathos, Greece


Villa Athena takes its name from the ancient Greek goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus, the goddess of war, arts and crafts. Legend has it that Zeus swallowed his wife Metis just as she was about to give birth to a child. Shortly afterwards Zeus developed a severe headache. Athena was born from his head, fully armed and brandishing a bronze javelin. Athena has been seen as the Warrior Goddess and we find her fighting alongside Greek soldiers in many famous battles. Not only was she a warrior herself, but she protected the brave and valorous in Greek mythology, helping Hercules in his labours and guiding Perseus on his expedition against the Gorgons. In times of peace, Athena was benevolent and wise. She taught the people the art of taming horses and became known as the goddess of horses, oxen and olives. Her skills in pottery, weaving and embroidery were renowned and it was Athena who invented the potter's wheel and made the first vases.


The suites are airy and spacious, with elegant yet relaxed furnishings. Each air-conditioned, self-catering suite has its own private patio or balcony with a superb sea view, double bedroom with shower ensuite and an open-plan living room with fully-equipped kitchenette.


Stunning sea views


It is easy to fall in love with Skiathos, as the owners of Villa Athena will tell you. Don't hesitate to ask them for advice and information on where to go, what to do, the best places to enjoy meze and ouzo on the waterfront, in fact anything you need to know.


All beds have mosquito nets and the suites are fully serviced. Bath towels are provided and beach towels can be obtained for a nominal rental fee if desired.


Set in an ancient olive grove, Villa Athena's lovely gardens invite guests to spend time outdoors.
There is a small supermarket within easy walking distance of Villa Athena and the town of Skiathos is a few minutes away by motor scooter.

Once on the island, a short trip by taxi will take you to Villa Athena, situated above Megali Ammos beach.


Villa Athena


This is a holiday of pure relaxation and escape.




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