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Rhodes seems to be voyaging in the warm seas of the south, bathed in an all-revealing white light. A place blessed by nature, with a unique variety of landscapes and colors, the gold of its beaches, the blue of the sea and the sky, the green of its quiet hills and valleys.

Fortresses and palaces, churches and public buildings, which today make up an architectural landscape of unique wealth, a landscape which allows the visitor to relive with his/her feelings and imagination the age-long history of this place.

The charms of nature are complemented by the islanders. Straightforward and hospitable, the Rhodians, warm-hearted, faithful to their traditions, but always ready for anything new, love their island and make others love it too.

Interesting Places to Visit:

- The exotic bay and spa of Kallithea

- The magnificent beach at Faliraki and the unique beaches of Afandou, Kolymbia and Tsabika

- The pottery and textile factories at Archagelos

- The Acropolis of lindos and Ialysos and the ancient Kamiros

- The golf course at Afandou

- The unique valley of butterflies

It's worth savoring the local specialities served throughout the island of Rhodes.



Ap. Paulos Beach





Lindos Historic Information:

Lindos was one of the three towns of the island (Ialysos, Kamiros and Lindos) before the town center of Rhodes was built.
There have been found through the last two centuries many relics at Lindos which are estimated to be almost three thousand years old. The most famous leader of this historic town was "Kleovoulos", one of the "Seven Wise Men" of the ancient Greece whom all the Greeks respected. He was son of "Evagoras" born in Pindos, a town of Rhodes. He claimed to be descendant of Hercules. Many apothegms (mottos) are considered as his, the most popular of which is "pan metron ariston" which means "all things in moderation".

Later, the Knights built a new castle (acropolis) using as constructive material the stones which were subtracted from the classic masterpieces of the sacred and other monuments. (You can see the beautiful acropolis situated at the top of the hill, at
the pictures above). The reason that the acropolis was built at the top of the hill was that Lindos was one of the richest towns of that historic period, so many pirates were trying to conquer it. Therefore whenever pirates were seen approaching the town, all the villagers used to garrison in the acropolis (which by the way almost never was conquered through the centuries).

The mountain "Krana" which faces the castle (acropolis) was dug up and many tombs were found, one of which presents the facade of an ancient temple with 12 pillars of "Doric" architecture.

Today the historic town of Lindos with the narrow streets is very picturesque, as there are many buildings which were maintained untouched through the centuries, starting from the 15th century.

Lindos, Traditional Island Architecture:

Lindos, a powerful maritime city in antiquity, is considered today, together with the neighboring Kalathos, Vlicha, Pefki, Pylona and Lardos, one of the most attractive resorts of the island, a happy marriage of the beauties of nature with its cultural heritage. Its houses perched on the hillsides, stand out in dazzling white against the blue background of sky and sea. A walk among its narrow paved streets reveals the austere beauty of the traditional island architecture and winding alleys bring the visitor imperceptibly to the ancient acropolis, witness to the troubled history of this place. From this high vantage point, the sea spreads out before you to the gray line of the horizon. The seashore round about, golden in the light of the sun, completes the magic of the landscape.


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