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Peloponese, Greece


The traditional suites Ardamis is located in the more significant structure of the fort of Monemvasia whose history is lost in the depths of the centuries. It has been transformed into a spectacular formation of suites and apartments without a sign of alteration of the surroundings. With traditional windows, romantic arches and balconies and with view of the sea make up for an unforgettable stay. The building has been housing the administrators of the fort from the age of Venetians to the days of the Turkish occupation.


The suites have three features that make it unique:

  • It contains the one and only castle of the fort, a room with 14-meter high ceiling and 7 meter wide windows.
  • In the living room of one of the suites there is an 800 years old well with a marble opening, modified to resemble a small table with glass and light, whose exact replica of the opening can be found in the museum of Constantinople along with a picture of the fort.
  • A spectacular balcony of 100 sq.m. hanging above the sea with view of the vast blue horizon and the entire fort.


Ardamis Traditional Suites is in operation throughout the year.


The Monemvasia Castle is a dream for thousands of people all over the world. To cross the "Moni Emvassis" (unique passage) and enter the "Stone Ship" of Giannis Ritsos, to get familiar with the surrounding space, to enjoy a mental trip in time. Here, history has its own word, which goes on without interruption for more than 20 centuries. The surrounding area is wrapped in a deep medieval mantle, having the distinct traces of the Palaiologos dynasty. The Byzantines named it "Hypercloudy Fortress" and "Renowned Town", the French called it "Gibraltar of the East", and the Turks gave it a more tender name, "Menexe Kalesi" which means "Castle of Flowers".


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