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Schinousa and Ano Koufonissi - Small Islands in the Eastern Cyclades

These small and beautiful islands are situated south of Naxos. They are an ideal destination for those in search of solitude and peace. The rugged beauty of the barren landscape, the sea-lashed rocks, the little coves along the coastline, a chance to get away from the crowds, these are the charms which attract visitors to these virtually virgin islands.

In Schinousa (or Shinoussa) island there are ancient ruins and a castle dating from the middle ages. Last re-inhabitation was from Amorgians in 1840. The port of the island (Mersini) is famous as one of the best small-boat marinas in the Aegean Sea.

Ano Koufonissi has a fine sandy beach at Finikia, where the water is crystal-clear. Lots of remains of buildings from the Hellenistic and Roman periods have come to light.

On the 15th of August a festival takes place, lasting 3 days (and 3 nights!) where there is plenty of wine, local goodies, dance and violins.

For those who love underwater fishing, scuba diving and other sea sports the sea around these islands is ideal. The islands are surrounded by many tiny islets and undiscovered beaches.

How to get there: The islands are served by ferries from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina.


Ano Koufonissi


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