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Agnantia Apartments

Tselentata, Fiscardo

Cephalonia, Greece

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At Tselentata, an exquisetely picturesque village in the north of Cephalonia island, almost 2 km east from Fiscardo, lies the traditional Agnantia Apartments.

Agnantia, built in Cephalonian architecture, comprises of thirteen 1st class self-catering apartments. There, the dream begins from the romantic premises, where watching across the sea, the Ulysse's island of Ithaki.

Tselentata is a unique area because it is situated in nature's most greenest of places, there is a combination of forest, sea and the nearby islands. Traditional homes sit under the tall cypress trees and the visitor will also come across many ruins and abandoned villages, as well as still keeping their vivid colour and style.

Agnantia's guests have many options, where to go for swimming. There are several coves with very clean small beaches, nearby (500 m).


All of Agnantia apartments are self-catering. Some of them are 30 sq.m. in size and can accommodate 2-3 people. There is one apartment which is a 55 sq.m. suite with a separate kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Every apartment has a large balcony which looks over the sea, each with a set of traditional tables and wooden chairs. The apartments have also their own names, such as Afrokikloto, Psilopirgoto, Anemarpasto, Iliofoto, etc. Agnantia and each apartment name are references found in Homer's epics (Illiad & Odyssey).

Internally, the rooms on the top floor vary slightly from the others. They are furnished with 18th century cast-iron beds and they have seven metres high wooden ceilings with quite a breathtaking view from the balconies. Apart from these two significant features, all Agnantia apartments are fully furnished with closets and china cabinets, mini bar, telephone, music, safe, kitchenette, refrigerator, porcelain dishes, champagne glasses and cutlery. You will find colourful curtains, bed spreads and valances in the apartments to make your stay even more at home. Fine works of art hang on every room wall with topics on sail-boats and flowers. You may also be particularly surprised when you find a warm room with spreads, sheets, orthopaedic matresses on the very large beds and fluffy pillows for a good night's sleep.


The rendering of Agnantia services is on daily basis. At the reception area guests will find a fax machine for their convenience and a comfortable lounge and bar for refreshments. Guests can have a full Greek breakfast, which they can choose from Agnantia buffet and can sit out on the stone tiled balcony enjoying the fresh morning air and view. If they wish, breakfast may be served in their apartment. Moreover, there is a private parking area.


Visitors staying at Agnantia have the chance to get to know the rest of the island by choosing:

Daily cruises: to nearby islands and coves by boat in groups or privately. They can combine swimming in the sea, lunch at noon and a siesta after a long day's unforgettable and trully enjoyable excursion.

Sight-seeing: excursions to significant ancient sites, caves, castles, lakes, museums, libraries to learn about culture and history of the island.

Water sports: Snorkel diving or scuba diving. People of all ages can experience a dive in the waterworld of Cephalonia with a coach and have a chance to admire the sea bed, learning more about the marine life by local guides.

Eating out: In Fiscardo there are many traditional taverns and restaurants which mainly serve fresh fish and ofcourse local Greek cuisine. In many taverns in the surrounding villages, the main dishes are made of locally produced meat and vegetables.

Shopping: In Fiscardo there are many scenic souvenir shops where one can find many items of Greek folk art and jewelry of gold and silver, etc.

Night life: In Fiscardo the pubs and beautiful cafe bars some by the sea and others inside caves fill visitors' nights.

For more details on local activities or organised programmes, please ask for advise from any of the Agnantia staff.


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