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Antiparos is a small island situated southwest of Paros. The two islands are separated by a narrow strait. The small island of Saliagos is located in this strait, and the remains of a neolithic civilization (4000B.C.) have been found here. Other small islands can be found around Antiparos, such as the deserted island of Despotiko in the south and Diplo (Kato and Epano Fyra) in the north. The island of Antiparos is fairly flat, its highest point is Profitis Ilias has an altitude of 301 meters. There are several beautiful beaches. The island is especially known because of the cave on a hilltop of 250m in the south. Next to the entrance of the cave, you can find the small church of Agios Ioannis. The cave itself contains three large halls and it is more than 100m deep. It is famous because of its huge stalactites and stalagmites, many of which contain ancient inscriptions. The most famous stalagmite is 8 metres tall and it is called the "Agia Trapeza" ("Holy Table"). This name was given because a mass was celebrated here on the 24th of December 1673, in the presence of the French ambassador in Constantinople, Marquis de Nointel - a Latin inscription still bears witness to this event. In turbulent times, the cave also provided shelter for the inhabitants of Antiparos.


The capital of Antiparos is built around a beautiful Venetian castle, dating from the 15th century. The castle is built around a tower, of which only the base remains. The most famous beaches in Antiparos are the beaches of Psaraliki, southeast of Antiparos, the beaches of Agios Theologos (a few minutes north of the small town) and the beaches of SifnŽikos Gialos a little southwest of it - both of which are within walking distance of Antiparos. In the south there is also the beach of Agios Georgios, opposite the island of Despotiko. On the east coast as well there are a couple of nice beaches, among which the beaches of Apandima and Soros.
But there is more to Antiparos than beaches and caves.
We will help you experience the island and its people, the way they live and work.
We will take you walking to remote beaches.
We can take you fishing, show you how mountain honey is collected and how the local cheese is still made by the shepherd in his hut on the mountain.




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