Rupert Brooke Centenary Poetry Celebrations

23 April 1915 - 23 April 2015

Skyros Island, Greece


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The Municipality of Skyros in collaboration with the British Embassy cordially invite you to attend the Centenary Celebrations of the English poet Rupert Brooke in Skyros on the 23rd of April 2015.   

To remember R.Brooke’s life, poetry and his death, this special event will take place on the mythical island of Skyros, where the poet died (23 April 1915) during the First World War and buried in an olive grove, near Tris Boukes Bay, on the south-west of the island. The most visible memorial to this is the statue of the “Ideal Poet” in Skyros town, high above the sea, in “Brooke - Eternal Poetry Square”.

  The program will include:

  1. -Memorial to the grave of the poet in Tris Boukes service by Revd Canon  M.Bradshaw, Senior Anglican Chaplain, Athens. Poems reading. Wreath-laying by the British Ambassador Kittmer, the Regional Director of Central Greece Mr Bakoyannis and Mr Spanos, the Mayor of Skyros

Mr Hatjiyiannakis, representative of the Rupert Brooke Society and the Diplomatic Representative of Missions in Greece, from London, Mr Maybin. The ceremony will also attend official contingent of the Greek Navy and band to pay tribute to the poet’s memory

  1. -Official opening of the audio-visual exhibition “ Rupert Brooke on Skyros: An English Poet in a Corner of the Aegean” hosted at the theatre of the Primary School in Skyros town. The exhibition will remain open by the 1st of September 2015 with free admission. The exhibition is co-organised by the Municipality of Skyros and the British Embassy with the support of the Region of Central Greece.

  1. -Welcome reception organised by the Municipality of Skyros

  1. -Visit to the monastery of St.George - patron saint of Skyros and England

Sightseeing visits to the ancient Castle and archaeological site of Palamari



Video Poems